BBMP to construct dedicated Bus lanes for BMTC in 9 Congested Corridors of Bangalore

Bus lanes for BMTC in 9 Congested Corridors of Bangalore: The plan to build a separate bus route to control the traffic in Bangalore is not new. Earlier the bus route from Silk Board to Tin Factory was also successful. But what happened, that way is not visible now. Everyone knows the bad condition of this road. Now BBMP is again planning to construct bus priority lanes in 9 high density corridors of the metropolis. Here is the detailed report.

Bus lanes for BMTC in 9 Congested Corridors of Bangalore

As the capital is growing at a rapid pace, the vehicular traffic crisis is also getting worse. Controlling the use of private vehicles and encouraging mass transit is the only way to get rid of traffic congestion. In this background, BBMPU and BMTC have decided to construct a separate route for the smooth movement of buses.

“Bus Aditya Path” which was experimentally constructed from Silk Board to KR Pura Tin Factory in the city has been successful. Now that line has disappeared due to metro works. Now 83 km of 9 high-density corridors. The Corporation has proposed to construct a separate bus route on this route. There is also an intention to build a cycle path where the road is wide.

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The number of vehicles in the garden city has crossed 1 crore and the public is getting frustrated with the traffic congestion. Due to the hellish network of traffic jams, it takes hours to travel even 10 km. BMTC has 6144 buses and the speed of these vehicles is very fast. So it is not possible to reach the scheduled time. Due to this, the traffic problem is becoming severe as more people are using private vehicles instead of public vehicles.

83 km Bus route en route:

Thinking that bus priority route is the only solution to reduce the increasing traffic congestion in the city, the corporation is going to construct separate bus routes in a total of 9 congested corridors including Mysore Road, Magadi Road, Tumkur Road, Bellary Road, Kanakapura Road.

If traveling by bus, people should be confident that they will reach their destination on time. Then they travel in buses instead of private vehicles. In this background, BBMP, 83 km Bus priority route construction work is being taken up on the long road Costing 280 crore for this.

A priority road is proposed to be constructed from the periphery of the central part of the city to the corporation boundary. 3.5-meter width is reserved for buses only on the three-lane one-way road. Bus routes are being planned according to the respective roads.

Private vehicle traffic is restricted on this route. Only emergency service vehicles including BMTC, ambulance, and fire engines have been allowed to ply. It is decided to install FRP (Fiber Reinforced) bollards to prevent other vehicles from encroaching on the priority lane.

Apart from BMTC, it has been decided to install CCTV cameras on both sides of these routes to facilitate the penalization of private vehicles plying on priority routes. It is intended to build the track in a total of three packages and tenders are being invited soon.

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Loss of bus lane on Outer Ring Road:

The bus route, which was practically installed on the Outer Ring Road from Silk Board to KR Pura Tin Factory, has also disappeared now. In 2019, BBMP, BMTC, Directorate of Land Transport (DALTA…), and Traffic Police officials jointly plan to construct bus priority lanes to provide fast bus transport service in the city. The construction of the bus route has been completed on the 17 km route and provision has been made for bus traffic.

When the project started, iron bollards were installed to prevent other vehicles from entering the priority lane. The problem has been caused by a series of accidents involving private vehicles hitting the bollards. Plastic bollards were then installed. The bus route has been cleared after the metro work started on this route.

Where is the bus lane constructed?

  1. Mysore Road
  2. Magadi Road
  3. Tumkur Road
  4. Kanakapura Road
  5. Hosur Road
  6. Old Madras Road
  7. Old Airport Road
  8. Bellary Road
  9. Gorguntepalya to K. R. Pura on outer ring road

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