BBMP Undertakes ₹42.35 Lakh Rainwater Management and Underpass Safety Project in East Zone Following Tragic Incident”

BBMP Underpass Safety Project: ‘Protection work’ is being carried out to keep the underpasses in the east zone of BBMP safe during the rainy season.

BBMP Underpass Safety Project

Bangalore: On May 21, 2023, due to heavy rains, the death of a young woman was caused by K.R. Arrangements have been made for the smooth flow of rainwater in the bridge of the circle. It has been decided to construct a ‘rooftop’ for the Sankey Road Lymeridian underpass. Tenders have been invited to carry out both these works at a cost of ₹42.35 lakh.

A ₹ 42.35 lakh for smooth flow of rainwater in railway overbridges and underbridges in the Eastern Zone and ₹ 42.35 lakh for repair and development of all underbridges in the zone. It is decided to complete these works in six months.

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Last year, when there was heavy rain in the city, underpasses were filled with water, which was quite a problem. At this time, BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Girinath said that rainwater gauges, CCTV cameras, and lights will be installed in all the underpasses under BBMP.

It was suggested to carry out the maintenance and development works of the under bridges using the available grants in the respective zones. Engineers said the road infrastructure department had invited tender for the work in the eastern zone.

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