BMTC Faces Challenges: Drastic Cut in Volvo Buses Due to less Passengers and High Operating Cost

BMTC Faces Challenges Cut in Volvo Buses: BMTC Volvo buses are not as overcrowded as before, empty buses plying from one side to another is common. That is why half of the buses have been cut on most of the routes except going to Vayuvajra Airport. This is due to the increased use of metro trains and private vehicles in recent years.

BMTC Faces Challenges Drastic Cut in Volvo Buses

KSRTC had decided to hand over some air-conditioned Volvo buses in 2018-19 as KSRTC faced losses every year. Later, during Covid 2020, and 2021, their services were temporarily suspended. Then some buses are on the road. In addition, the number of passengers has decreased and the company is on the path of loss.

Reduction of routes;

The organization operates high-cost AC buses for the convenience of all passengers including software employees. However, expected revenue is not coming from Volvo buses plying in the city. So it cut off the avenues of escape from losses. Vajra and Vayuvajra buses, which were operating on 117 routes in 2020, have come down to 54 by December 2023.

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Reduction in the number of Volvo buses;

In March 2020, the number of Vajra and Vayuvajra air-conditioned Volvo buses was 767. Now it has come down to 474. In March 2020, the number of Vajra buses decreased from 644 to 342. But, on the contrary, the number of Vayuvajra buses has increased from 123 to 132. Although 9 buses have been increased, the overall number has been reduced by half. An exercise has been carried out to cover the loss.

As the number of air-conditioned Volvo bus routes decreases, the number of trips usually decreases. The number of diamond tours fell from 3151 in March 2020 to 2241 in December 2023. At the same time, Vayuvajra saw an increase from 793 to 912.

What caused the loss?

Earlier most of the passengers traveling on routes like Challagatta, and Whitefield depended on buses. But, most of the commuters are using the metro and own vehicles to avoid traffic problems and reach the place in less time. Due to this, the number of passengers in Volvo buses has decreased. This is the main cause of loss.

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Revenue – Cost Variance

While regular buses give a mileage of 3.5 to 4.5 km per liter of diesel, an air-conditioned Volvo bus gives just 2 km. 70.90 per km on airport route buses, Rs 54 per km on other routes. Only income is coming. But, 80 Rs. Volvo bus spare parts are expensive and should be purchased at company-fixed prices. Thus the organization is suffering a lot of loss.

The expectation of profit is impossible

Don’t expect to benefit from air-conditioned buses plying in the city. A BMTC official said that the number was reduced due to the reduced number of passengers on some routes.

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