Coming Soon, E-Vehicle Charging Stations at All Namma Metro Stations in Bangalore!

E-Vehicle Charging Stations at Namma Metro: To combat air pollution in the city, there is a concerted effort to increase the number of electric vehicles (e-vehicles). Currently, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) Managing Director Anjum Parvez has announced a plan to facilitate charging of e-vehicles at metro stations.

The forward-thinking initiative was unveiled at the Bangalore Tech Summit, which focuses on coordinated, autonomous, shared and electric transportation systems.

E-Vehicle Charging Stations at Namma Metro

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Bengaluru, Dec, 01; A significant aspect of this effort is the introduction of universal smart card facility, which is slated to be rolled out across the country. This card offers seamless access to various transport systems including metro trains, cabs and buses.

Anjum Parvez emphasized that this ambitious project led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been decided to be implemented in various cities within the next six months.

Charging System at Metro Stations!

Keeping in mind the need for eco-friendly transport, BMRCL has taken steps to provide charging facilities for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers at Bangalore Metro stations. Uber India Director Sanjay Chadha advocated a shift from individual cabs to buses as a way to reduce traffic congestion.

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Uber e-bus will soon come to Bangalore!

Uber has already launched electric bus services in Delhi and Mumbai, and plans to expand the service to Bangalore soon. Chadha outlined Uber’s commitment to achieve 100 percent electric vehicles in its booking system by 2030.

Noting the evolving landscape of travel and traffic systems, Prasanna Patawardhan, Chief Managing Director of ‘Purple Mobility’ hailed the positive shift towards eco-friendly practices. He highlighted the integration of smart technology in customer cab booking, traffic management, operations and signaling systems.

Increase in number of Air Taxis!

Looking to the future, Blake Opsahi, director of Beta Technologies, envisions significant opportunities for electric aviation in India. With an impressive aviation infrastructure of nearly 200 airports, Opsahi predicted a surge in private jets and air taxis, indicating a promising future for sustainable air travel in the country.

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