Namma Metro Green Line Work is Completed Till Madavara – Eagerly Awaiting Commencement of Train Traffic!”

Namma Metro Green Line Work Madavara: Namma Metro Green Line work has been completed till Madavara on Tumkur Road. Pending inspection by safety authority. Traffic may start soon. Here is the information on this.

Namma Metro Green Line Work is Completed Till Madavara

BENGALURU: Namma Metro is not open for commercial traffic even though the pending greenway works have been completed. Although six years have passed since the construction of about 4 km of track, train traffic has not started.

The line stretches from Silk Institute – to Madavara and currently trains run up to Nagasandra. The remaining 3.77 km. The work on the line has been completed and only the visit and inspection by the Central Railway Safety Commissioner is pending.

The rest of the route has three stops at Manjunath Nagar, Chikkabidarakallu, and Madavara. Construction has been delayed as the construction company is facing many hurdles including financial distress, and delays in land acquisition. The work was started in May 2017.

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The 964 crores for land acquisition and works. was reserved. Land acquisition was a big problem. It took four years to settle the dispute at Haidhikodhirti. After the litigation was settled, the work was started. After that, the work started rapidly. However, Kamadhigadhi suffered a setback again during COVID-19. Finally, the route is ready for traffic.

Namma Metro System Extends its Reach to a Remarkable 100 Kilometers!

At present our metro is 74 km. This year the remaining 4 km is traveling on the green route. and 19 km of yellow route. When fully operational, the length of the metro line will increase to 97 km.

The civil work of the Yellow Line is almost complete. However, due to a lack of supply of railway coaches for this route, commercial traffic is plying.

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Tumkur Road Traffic

Tumkur Road is known as the gateway of Bangalore, connecting 18 districts. This road is also known for traffic jams. Many people are using the metro service to move in and out of the city without getting stuck in traffic jams. As the metro expands, the number of such passengers will increase. The pressure on the road will be reduced.

Workers coming to Peenya Industrial Unit from Dabus Town, Nelamangala travel in two-wheelers, cars, and bikes. Some are coming to Nagasandra and boarding the metro train. If the metro starts up to Madavara, it is 4 km. m. Metro service will be available to them earlier. This is expected to reduce traffic congestion.

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