Sky Deck Bangalore: ”Towering Marvel and Arboreal Oasis Coming to Garden City”

Sky Deck Bangalore: BBMP has now taken up a project to provide a unique opportunity for people to stand and gaze at the beauty of the garden city. In this regard, a 350-meter-high observation tower is proposed to be constructed on 10 acres of land owned by state-owned NGEF near Baiyappanahalli Metro Station. Now BBMP has invited tender for the construction of the tower.

Sky Deck Bangalore

Bangalore: BBMP has proposed to construct the country’s highest observation tower (Sky Deck) at NGEF near Baiyappanahalli Metro station, where one can see the beauty of the capital.

Tenders are invited to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the construction of the observation tower. A 350-meter-high observation tower is proposed to be built on 10 acres of 105 acres belonging to the state-owned NGEF.

Taking inspiration from the ‘Shanghai Tower’ in Shanghai, China, Austria’s Koop Himmelb and World Design Firm prepared the design to build the Sky Deck. Against this backdrop, the corporation has invited tenders for preparing the DPR related to the tower’s construction. After the implementation of this project, the public will be able to see the beauty of Silicon City from the sky.

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400-500 crore cost

The NGEF space is located near Baiyappanahalli station of our metro. Therefore, it has been decided to build an observation tower at the same place because it will be convenient for the public to come and go.

At the base of the 350-meter-high observation tower, it is decided to provide the necessary infrastructure including commercial outlets, food, games, rest room, toilet. In addition, a park will be built around the observation tower. 400-500 crores for this. The cost is estimated. After its construction, it will be the tallest sky deck in the country.

Entrance fee to the observation tower

The state government will fund the construction of the observation tower. However, private individuals are assumed to be responsible for maintenance. There is a fee to enter the observation tower. So those who enjoy the beauty of the city from Mugilettara have to pay such a fee.

China’s Canton Tower is 488 meters tall. The tower to be built in the city will not be that tall. However, it will be the tallest observation tower in the country. Gopuram of Rameshwar in Tamil Nadu is 323 meters, Ekta statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of Gujarat is 182 meters high.

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Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is 828 meters tall and is the tallest observation tower in the world. China’s Canton Tower is 488 meters, Shanghai’s World Financial Center is 474 meters, Tokyo’s Sky Tree is 451 meters, Toronto’s CN Tower is 446 meters, Chicago’s Willis Tower is 412 meters, Hong Kong’s International Trade Center is 393 meters, Taipei’s 391 m, Purna 391 m. meters, the New York Empire State Building is 369 meters high.
A world-class arboretum

30 crores from the Department of Large and Medium Industries on land belonging to NGEF. It is intended to develop world-class horticulture at cost.

70 acres of lush greenery belonging to NGEF. There are thousands of different species of trees. Besides there are five industrial sheds. Minister MB Patila said that the Arboretum will be constructed with a 1.4 km long walkway, food court, elevated walkway, outdoor gym, fountain, and other infrastructure.

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