Battery Theft: Bangalore Faces Battery Theft Surge at Traffic Signals

Bangalore: Thieves are continuously finding new targets for their illicit activities, with recent incidents involving the theft of barricades, footpath bars, wires, and now even traffic signals in Bangalore. The latest focus for these criminals is on the batteries that power these essential traffic management systems. Reports indicate that stolen batteries are finding their way into goods vehicles or inverters.

Battery Theft

In the state capital, Bangalore, traffic signals are no longer considered safe, as thieves have set their sights on the batteries responsible for operating the lights and supplying power to them. Over the past two months, approximately 80 traffic signals across the city have fallen victim to battery theft, causing growing concern among the police, especially in the densely populated central areas of Bangalore.

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The stolen batteries, valued at around one and a half thousand rupees each, are reportedly sold for three thousand rupees to street vendors. Subsequently, these batteries are tested for their capacity and repurposed for use in goods vehicles or, in some cases, adapted for inverters.

Incidents of battery theft have been widespread in Bangalore, with a concentration in central areas where vehicular movement is prevalent from 6 AM to 12 PM. Thieves exploit the time window between 1 AM and 4 AM when traffic police are not on duty, and the overall activity is low.

Several recent incidents highlight the audacity of these miscreants, such as the theft of two batteries near Devanga Hostel Junction on a Tuesday and two more near the BBMP office and Devanga Junction P. on November 19. The majority of reported cases occur in the early hours of the morning, taking advantage of the absence of both traffic police and the reduced presence of people.

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In the months of October and November this year, 50 cases of battery theft have been reported in Central Bengaluru alone, according to information gathered by Times of India from Vijaya Karnataka Web’s sister organization.

While the Highgrounds police station recently apprehended two thieves in connection with these crimes, efforts to recover the stolen batteries have proven challenging. Despite the arrests, three additional battery theft cases were reported, leading the police to suspect the existence of multiple gangs involved in battery theft across Bangalore.

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