Bangalore Metro Commuters appreciate Namma Metro QR Code, WhatsApp payment facility:

Namma Metro QR Code: Silicon City people now love metro travel. They leave their carriages and board the metro. QR code introduced by BMRCL for the convenience of people has been successful. A new record has been created as the QR ticket completes one year.

Namma Metro QR Code

Bengaluru, January 23: Speaking at the World Forum in Lagos, Nigeria, India’s UPI financial service has reached almost 100%. Three times as many financial transactions as in the US are done through UPIs in India. India’s External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that this is the digital age.

To encourage this, our Bangalore Metro has also adopted a digital payment facility and passengers are getting maximum benefit. By that, they have once again proved they are from Silicon City. Hence BMR CL has implemented a digital payment system for Namma metro travel.

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The people of Silicon City, who are suffering from the ocean of traffic, have now moved to the metro. Day by day the number of people traveling in our metro (our metro) is increasing. BMRCL is also working to connect Metro to all directions of the city. At present, 6.5 lakh people travel in the metro every day. Extn., NCMC card tickets, and feeder buses is favorites among city dwellers. Meanwhile, the QR code introduced to avoid token ticket annoyance has now led to the creation of a new record.

BMRCL launched QR code tickets in November 2022. Initially, 2.13 lakh people were using QR tickets. Then the number slowly started to increase. In January 2023, the number of monthly users reached 5 lakh. In June 2023, it reached 10 lakh, a new record.

Meanwhile, it rose to 25.9 lakh in December, breaking all records. The number of monthly users reached 25 lakh for the first time. BMR CL officials say this has reduced the pressure on the ticket counter staff.

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Passengers can get BMRCL’s QR code ticket through WhatsApp, Namma Metro mobile app, Paytm, and Amazon. There is also an opportunity to get group QR tickets. 6 to 6.5 lakh people travel in the metro daily. Metro passenger Raju expressed happiness that 80 thousand to 1 lakh people are traveling through QR tickets and the pressure at the ticket counter has been reduced.

Also, BMR CLQR was used by 1.39 crore people till last month. This number is expected to increase further in the coming days. Overall, there has been a good response to the QR ticket introduced for the convenience of Namma metro passengers.

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