BMTC buses have been adopted the ADAS device on a trial basis to prevent accidents

ADAS device has been installed in BMTC Buses: Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has introduced Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology to enhance passenger safety and reduce the increasing incidence of road accidents in BMTC buses.

ADAS device has been installed in BMTC Buses

Bengaluru, Dec 12: This innovative system is currently operational in five buses with unit numbers 10 and 26 on 500 ‘D’ routes, with a storage period of 30 days and then deletion, scheduled for a trial period of three months. Following the positive initial results, BMTC plans to expand the implementation to its entire bus fleet shortly.

Mobile 8 Connect has played a key role in this initiative which incorporates cutting-edge technology including a vision Sensor Camera,’ ‘Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Camera,’ ‘GPS’ unit, and ‘Eye Watch’. Strategically placed on the front windshield of buses, these units are seamlessly interconnected and offer real-time monitoring to enhance safety.

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The vision sensor camera helps maintain a safe distance between the bus and the surrounding vehicles. In the event of a potential collision, an alarm is triggered to alert the driver, sounding five times to draw immediate attention. The camera is adept at detecting vehicles ahead by constantly monitoring speed limits to prevent inadvertent collisions with vehicles and pedestrians.

The ‘i Watch’ device on the right side of the bus driver acts as an integrated display for all vision sensor camera features. It captures audio and video clips, relays them to the control room and drivers, and plays a crucial role in issuing warnings through an integrated bell system.

A driver monitoring system (DMS) consists of an internal face camera that continuously monitors the driver’s movements. In case of distraction, the system captures video footage before and after the incident, helping to determine driver liability in the event of an accident.

Satyavathy G., MD, BMTC confirmed the satisfactory performance of ADAS technology in the ten buses currently installed. The organization aims to deploy this system in all buses, expecting a significant contribution to safety and accident prevention.

In the case of BMTC bus accidents, identifying the guilty party is challenging. ADAS technology can prove invaluable in determining liability, maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, and helping judge a driver’s actions in the event of an accident.

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