How to Choose and Use a Water Heater in India?

How to buy a water heater with better value for money? Such a question is often asked by a large number of people who feel confused by the existence of this product under various models in the market.

To find an answer to this question, we will explain through this buying guide the best water heaters the points to consider: the capacity of the device, its shape, and the warranty that covers it.

How to Choose Water Heater in India 2022

The capacity of the water heater

A water heater should be chosen based on its capacity and the adaptability of that capacity to your needs. It is only after considering this point that you can start figuring out where to buy a new water heater. Which water heater capacity is best for you depends on the total number of residents in your home and how often each will use hot water.

Generally speaking, you should plan 50 liters for each person who lives in your house. However, this measurement is only a simple estimate, as the total amount of water to be consumed varies if you use a tub, shower, or sink. Most of the time, a 150L water heater can be sufficient for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

However, take margins depending on the circumstances in which you and each member of your family are using hot water.

In addition, make sure that the frequency with which everyone is going to use the water is also taken into account. If you and your children are only at home in the morning and evening, except on weekends, because you don’t have time to come home earlier, consumption will be less. In addition, if you always spend your weekend elsewhere, this consumption will not be the same.

The format

By considering the size of the Best water heater you are interested in versus where you plan to install it, you will avoid feeling cluttered with the presence of this product—the reason why the analysis of a price comparator should pass after considering this point.

The best water heater can exist in vertical, or horizontal format and can be wall-mounted or not to suit individual needs and preferences. You just need to tailor the measurements of where you are ready to install the water heater to the size of the model you are going to opt for, while still providing space to be able to handle this product in comfort. To do this, you can take a margin of 50 cm, more or less according to your needs.


The warranty that covers the use of a water heater allows you to use this product without fear at any time of having thrown your money down the drain if it does not work properly. To have a good water heater, the few tips we offer you include taking into account the duration of this warranty.

This can range from 3 to 12 years. The longer this period, the more you can have less worry about the occurrence of a risk of malfunction of the water heater that could make it impossible to use it. Moreover, if the manufacturer dares to indicate an extended warranty period, it is because he is sure of
the quality of his product and does not fear that the buyer will encounter problems while using it.

How to Choose and Use a Water Heater in India

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How to use a water heater?

The water heater is a household or industrial equipment used to heat water using an energy source. So if a failure occurs or if a loss hits the thermostat, the water temperature may rise or fall. To avoid all of this, follow the tips below.

Observe the water temperature instructions for the water heater To limit the risk of burns and the development of bacteria, the maximum temperature of the domestic hot water is set at 50 ° C at the draw-off points intended for the toilets and 60 ° C in the other rooms. For establishments open to the public, the temperature of the water distributed may be raised to a maximum of 90 ° C, but with signs.

Change your habits to save more

To save water and energy, it is better to take a shower rather than a bath and reduce the volume of unnecessary water withdrawn. To bathe the baby, use a collapsible baby tub instead of the large tub.

For energy, install the hot water generator as close as possible to the draw-off points and use low-level and renewable energy sources, Properly choose the capacity of a water heater

The capacity of the equipment is chosen according to the hot water needs of the accommodation to guarantee the availability of hot water. It is also necessary to take care to measure the space available for the installation of the device.

Choose a tank suitable for your environment The tank can be made of copper, which is particularly resistant to corrosion but is a thermal conductor. The composite tank, on the other hand, fights rust as effectively as the steel tank but has the advantage of being exceptionally light.

Properly install the water heater

The base of the structure must be stable and able to support the weight of the equipment filled with water. When installing the tank, remember to leave a space of 50 cm below to ensure easy access to the electrical components of the appliance in the event of a thermostat or resistance failure or drain

Take an interest in the right models of water heaters The choice of a vertical or horizontal format, wall-mounted or not, depends on individual needs and
preferences. For example, the only vertical geyser can be suspended from the ceiling, or the wall, according to your convenience, but it would also have been appreciable to be able to equip it with a base and put it on the ground.

Maintain your equipment

Descaling is the essential step to ensure optimal performance and the life of your water heater, the safety group is also to be activated regularly and changed every 5 years. It is necessary to lower the heating temperature on the thermostat or to check if the water heater is not scaled.

Briefly adjust the temperature of the thermostat To avoid accidentally receiving very hot water, the temperature inside is set to 60 ° C. However, for
certain uses, some electric water heaters can be programmed to regularly perform an anti-legionella cycle that brings the water temperature to 70 ° C guaranteeing the destruction of bacteria.

It is also essential to install a direct temperature limiter on the hot water outlet of the appliance to avoid any risk of the piping bursting.

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