The use of Cyberbullying by children raises concerns in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, In recent times, a disturbing trend of cyberbullying has emerged among schoolchildren in Bengaluru. Recently, the problem of Deepfake has increased. Using technology, celebrity photos are being edited and made viral. But now similar cyberbullying (Cyberbullying) has started among the children of the capital.

Cyberbullying by children raises concerns in Bengaluru

Reports have surfaced of students at a private school in Chamarajpet altering photos of their peers in acts of revenge or anger, then sharing the manipulative images on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Child rights organizations have become aware of these incidents, with the notable case of a class 9 student threatening a friend by morphing his photo. This behavior is indicative of a larger problem of students engaging in cyberbullying activities influenced by the widespread use of technology.

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Some students use misinformation about their age on social media to exacerbate the situation by creating and disseminating disparaging content about classmates they dislike or have conflicts with Parents and society alike are appalled by this alarming change in children’s behavior, echoing past concerns about inventions such as condoms and contraceptive pills in school bags.

Technology and easy access to information have been cited as a double-edged sword, with children falling victim to cyberbullying due to a lack of moral guidance and lessons of respect. Child psychologists point to media influence, especially movies, and lack of parental supervision as contributing factors to this troubling trend.

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Activities such as cyberbullying, trolling, photo and video editing, creating fake accounts, and sending threatening messages on social media platforms have taken a more insidious turn within the confines of school relationships. Emphasizes the importance of parental vigilance and intervention to address and prevent negative effects on children’s psychological well-being for children to easily access technology and engage in harmful behaviors.

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