Accidents occur more frequently on service roads than on the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway.

Bangalore-Mysore Expressway: It has been 1 year since the inauguration of the expressway. The highway, which witnessed hundreds of accidents in the first 6 months, is now coming out of the pit of death. Accidents are rare due to police efforts. Moreover, the death rate is reduced by 90%. But the death toll on the service road, which previously witnessed rare accidents, continues to rise. Here is a special report with statistics on this.

Bangalore Mysore Highway

There has been a significant reduction in the number of accidents on the Bangalore-Mysore Expressway, the highway of death 6 months ago. But the series of deaths on the adjacent service road has increased.

Due to the efforts of the police, the number of accidents has reduced and the death rate has also reduced by 90 percent. In the first 6 months of the expressway’s opening, there were 50 accidents per month. At least 15-20 people died. Rare accidents have occurred on the service road. So far everything has turned upside down.

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In the last 6 months, 134 accidents have occurred on Highway 275 (Bangalore to Nidaghatta) and 44 people have died. A total of 135 people were injured. Ironically, instead of crossing Erandakki on the expressway, it is crossing Mooranki on the adjacent service road.

It is easy to avoid the tolls and get on and off the expressway as there are no rules at first. Accidents due to excessive speed were frequent. However, due to speed limits, restrictions of some vehicles including two-wheelers, police patrolling, camera surveillance, and unauthorized entry and exit restrictions, the number of accidents on the expressway has decreased and the expected toll collection is also not being done.

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The number of vehicles plying on the expressway is reduced. However, most vehicles are plying on service roads to evade the police, including saving toll money. Thus the accident rate is increasing. 10 people die in an average of 30 accidents per month. Excessive speed, unauthorized humps, and overtaking are said to be the reasons for the accidents. A series of accidents occurred on Saturday and Sunday, with more traffic on service roads than on expressways.

Reduction in accidents on the Expressway.

  • Speed limit, restriction of certain vehicles
  • Vehicular traffic is sparse due to expensive toll charges
  • Free traffic as it is a 3-lane road
  • The cause of the accident was a tire burst

Accidents are increasing on service roads

  • Heavy traffic on service roads to save toll
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Unauthorized turn, underpass, road potholes
  • Narrow service road.

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