Bangalore: 635 illegal Stay of foreigners in Karnataka state including Bangalore! Report

Illegal Stay of Foreigners in Karnataka: 635 foreigners are staying illegally in the state including IT City Bangalore even though their passports have expired. Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar has informed that 262 foreigners have been deported in the Legislative Council in the last year.

Illegal Stay of Foreigners in Karnataka

Bengaluru:  Among the foreigners who came to India for education, business, and medical check-ups, it has come to light that 635 foreigners have illegally stayed in the state even after the expiry of their visas.

According to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRO) data, 7,321 people from other countries including America, and Nigeria are settled in the state. Lives in many major cities including Bangalore, Mysore on a visa for business, education, and employment. However, out of these 635 people are staying illegally even though their visas have expired, and despite the presence of police and efficient officials, JDS member T.A. said in the Legislative Council. Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar has answered.

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Most of the 635 illegal foreigners are based in Bangalore. In addition, 172 criminal cases have been registered against 242 people related to drug selling, cybercrime, and other charges. 160 cases have been registered against 230 people in different police stations in the capital. Three cases have been registered in rural Bangalore, six in Mysore, and one each in Raichur, Uttara Kannada, and Kalaburagi.

For the past year, the police have stepped up the process of deporting illegal aliens. As a result, from 2022 to the end of October this year, 262 people were deported to their countries.

Bangalore Police has deported 220 foreigners, and Mangalore Police has deported 38 Sri Lankans. Chikmagalur District N.R. Four Bangladeshis who were detained in Pura police station have been sent back to their country.

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More people are preparing to exile!

The police of various stations, including the CCB of Bengaluru, have arrested more than 50 people in an operation against illegally staying foreigners. The accused have taken shelter in ‘Bandhana Kendra’ at Sondekoppa in Nelamangala. Some are housed in several observatories. The deportation process takes time and is done through a legal process in collaboration with the embassies of the respective countries and the central government. A senior police officer said that the process of deporting most of the Nigerian nationals is already underway.

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Citizens of African countries have the highest number of illegal immigrants. It is already clear that Bangalore is heavily involved in the sale of synthetic drugs. Most of those who are unable to return to their homeland are involved in drug sales and illegal activities in the city. Also, those involved in criminal activities are jailed without immediate deportation. The officers said that after the case was registered, the accused followed the strategy of seeking refuge in the city again till the investigation of the case was completed.

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