Bangalore Metro Challenges and Progress: ”Namma Metro’s Journey in Bangalore Over the Last 13 Years”

Bangalore Metro Challenges and Progress: BMTC is the lifeline of the people of Bangalore city. However, as vehicular traffic increased in Bangalore, the people stuck in traffic jams got excited and turned to ‘Namma Metro’. Currently, 7 lakh people are traveling in the metro. However, in the last 134 years, the metro work has not been carried out at the expected speed,

So it has not been able to reach the target within the stipulated time. In many places, people are stuck in traffic without even a metro connection.

Bangalore Metro Challenges and Progress

Bengaluru: 13 years have passed since the inception of ‘Namma Metro’, and trains are running only for a distance of 74 km. Compared to the speed of metro work in other cities of the country, ‘Namma Metro’ has progressed at a snail’s pace.

2006 Jr. for Metro work in Silicon City. Five years later the approval was given on the 24th, which means that on the 20th of 2011, the metro rail service started on the 6.7 km stretch between Baiyappanahalli-Mg Road. It has been 13 years since the first metro rail service started, and so far only 74 km of track has been constructed and opened for passenger use.

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Trains are plying on the 71.1 km route in Hyderabad, which started work a year later than ‘Namma Metro’. Trains are running on the 54.65 km stretch in Chennai, which started work two years late. Noida Metro is the fastest among all these metros.

Bangalore Metro Challenges and Progress

Metro work started in Hyderabad in 2007 and in 2017 it was 30 km with 24 stations. The green signal was shown for traffic. Chennai Metro, which started work in 2008, completed its first 10 km in 2015. Commenced commercial service on the route. Metro work in Noida was approved in 2017. 29 km in just two years. Trains were run on the route.

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While the cities of Hyderabad and Chennai took 10 and 7 years respectively for their first service, our metro opened to public traffic in just five years. After that, the speed of our metro work slowed down.

BMRCL officials say soil structure and weather are the main reasons behind the delay in Bengaluru Metro work. The length of the tunnel is too long. Tunneling is also a challenging task for TBMs. Hence the work is not completed within the stipulated period.

Metro work has been hampered due to incessant rains in the capital for the past 3-4 years. Apart from this, the problem of displacement of trees and delay in land acquisition is also becoming a problem, say Metro officials.

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A target of 100 km in two years is difficult:

Currently 74 km. Metro train service has started on the route. BMRCL aims to extend the metro rail service to 175 km by the end of December 2024. The routes scheduled for traffic at the end of 2022 have been extended to 2023. This year only 17.21 km is open for traffic. 100 km in the next two years. Targeted. However, considering the current work, it may be difficult.

At present there is a total of 862 km of metro traffic system in 16 cities of the country. Work is in progress on the 593 km route. 1289 km. A plan has been drawn up for metro expansion. Bangalore’s ‘Namma Metro’ is at the 2nd position (74 km) while New Delhi (348 km) is at the 1st position and Hyderabad (71 km) is at the 3rd position in terms of ongoing metro transport.

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