Bengaluru: Lineman dies due to BESCOM negligence in Cheemasandra

Bengaluru: In a tragic incident near Cheemasandra in Bengaluru East Taluk, lineman Siddaraju (32) lost his life due to an electric shock while changing a fuse, allegedly as a result of negligence on the part of BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company) staff. This unfortunate event occurred in the aftermath of a recent incident where a woman and a child were killed by an electric wire.

Bengaluru lineman dies

Siddaraju had embarked on a mission to repair a power line in the afternoon. Standard protocol dictated that the electricity connection should be disconnected for the safety of the lineman during the repair. BESCOM had duly informed the office staff about the impending maintenance work.

However, suspicions have arisen that, instead of disconnecting the line Siddaraju was working on, another line was inadvertently disconnected. Tragically, while climbing the pole in response to the power cut, Siddaraju succumbed to an electric shock on the spot.

The deceased lineman’s body has been moved to East Point Hospital in Bidarhalli. The incident falls under the jurisdiction of the Avalahalli police station.

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This incident adds to a recent string of electrical accidents, including the case of Soundarya, a resident of Gopal Colony near Hope Farm Junction. She and her child Suviksha were walking on Sunday morning when Soundarya accidentally stepped on an electric wire lying on the footpath, resulting in electrocution and death.

Additionally, a few days prior to Siddaraju’s incident, a boy lost his life after being struck by an electric wire while playing cricket in Siddarama Colony, Dharwad city. Sixteen-year-old Shreyas Shinnura succumbed to the electric shock, while another boy sustained injuries and was admitted to the hospital.

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