FSSAI Ban on Printed Paper for Food Wrapping, Largely Ignored in Bengaluru

FSSAI Ban on Printed Paper: The FSSAI has banned the wrapping of snacks and meals in printed paper since last September, it is observed that most vendors are still using printed paper. However, the stricture has not been enforced anywhere in the city. There is an opportunity to impose a fine of 25 thousand rupees if it is violated.

Bengaluru, November, 22: Due to a lack of coordination and awareness among officials from various departments, the order banning the use of printed paper for parcels of food items is not being effectively implemented in the city.

FSSAI Ban on Printed Paper

Although the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has instructed that food items should not be wrapped or stored in printed papers, most vendors continue to use paper without concern.

Using paper to wrap food items can lead to many serious health problems. Sellers must strictly follow this rule. FSSAI Chief Executive Officer Kamala Vardhana Rao ordered last September that a heavy fine would be imposed for non-compliance. Additionally, FSSAI and State Food Safety Competent Authorities will jointly monitor strict implementation of this rule, he said. However, the city has not yet taken any steps toward strict enforcement.

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We have no information on it, Said Hotel Owners:

Large and medium hotels are not using printed paper for food parcels. However, small hotels and roadside vendors of fast food, Bajji, samosa, vada, kebab, etc., are using paper.

“The use of paper is prohibited. When told not to use paper for packing, they replied, “We don’t have any information about this, don’t say anything and go.”

Awareness, apathy towards implementation:

Local bodies and the health department should also collaborate with officials from various levels of the State Food Safety Competent Authority to effectively enforce the rule by conducting awareness programs about not using printed paper to wrap food items. However, this work is not being done adequately.

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What is the reason for the ban?

The ink used for printing contains other chemicals, including lead. These can enter the human body through food, leading to serious illness. In this context, the use of printed paper for parcels of food items is prohibited.

Allowed to impose a fine up to Rs. 25 thousand “No food should be wrapped directly in printed papers. If found in this way, there is a possibility to impose a fine of up to 25 thousand rupees. There is a need to create awareness among the sellers before imposing the fine. The above authorities are requested to provide more tools for the awareness program. BBMP should also work with us to create awareness,” says FSSI officials.”

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