“Shocking state of public toilets in Bangalore: Survey reveals alarming issues of insecurity and poor facilities for women”

Survey of Public Toilets in Bangalore: An organization conducted a survey and revealed a report about the toilets in Bangalore. The doors of 75% of toilets are not secure, and 91% of toilets have water problems. Thus many omissions. Advised not suitable for women.

Survey of public toilets in Bangalore

BENGALURU: Most of the public toilets in the capital are in bad condition, 75% of toilets do not have proper doors and locks. The survey revealed a shocking fact that there is a huge threat to women’s safety.

Archana K.R., the founder of the Saitand For Shi organization, asked to know the status of public toilets under BBMP. A 32-member team led by him conducted the survey last November. A survey was conducted in 48 public toilets at various places including Rajajinagar, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, Mahalakshme Layout, Basaveshwara Nagar, Chikkapet, HSR Layout under the title ‘The Big Bangalore Mahanagar Toilet Survey’.

The survey team visited the public toilets and inspected the basic facilities there. In addition, information is collected from users and staff.

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No lighting system

The 66% of toilets under BBMP do not have a proper lighting system. This makes it dangerous for women to use the toilet at night. Out of 48 toilets, 91% of toilets do not have a dustbin to dispose of napkins. At least once in 3 months, 50 percent of the toilets are filled with sewage. The public is suffering a lot due to this. The survey revealed that no action has been taken so far to solve this problem.

Water problem

A total of 91% of toilets do not have a proper water system. Sometimes the water supply is cut off suddenly and the public hesitates to use it. There are no water mugs in the toilets. The survey explained that there is no cleaning material.

Most of the staff are male

Most of the toilets are dominated by men, including toll collectors and cleaning staff. Because of this, women are using the toilet insecurely. Moreover, there is also a difference in the method of charging. Only Rs 2 for men, 5 per cent for women. It has come to light that 91% of the toilets are not being used by disabled people.

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Video evidence

Most of the public toilets in the city have locks and are completely broken. Also, video evidence has been collected that the male and female staff operating the toilets live near the women’s toilets.

There is no facility for staff

The cleaning staff are being treated very inhumanely. Most of the toilet cleaners are migrants and are not provided with proper protective equipment. This affects their health and makes them sick. Staff are facing language problems. The survey report explained that fixed salaries and irregular payments are becoming a problem.

How many toilets are there?

There are a total of 803 toilets under BBMP. 360 public, 6 community, 229 e-toilets, 17 modular, 10 open, and 181 civil servants toilets have been constructed.

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